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Touching Screen:indoor phone 3608
----Rare flower in the traditional simulate Intercom system
With more and more people tracing the culture and art of Home residing, the products just relying on the modern design could not satisfy them anymore. As the Intellectual Home concept has deeply rooted among people, this would leads the appearance of more and more Intercom Products filled with art.
According to the survey of market and need, Genway has successfully pushed out touching screen video door phone 3608 applied with C-5 System. She, has 7 inch TFT real color screen, limpid and exquisite, shows out distinctive character; artistic UI interface, thin and elegant.
The main features of indoor phone 3608:
Full-featured and cost-effective
Compared with indoor phone of the traditional stimulate system, 3608 adopts digital 7-inch screen originally; increases program of digital image storage; with standard 16 defends areas which can be set by user easily; can be connected with warning setting through the port on it; can be extended to control household appliances; transmitting information like weather report and so on.And all these features can be realized in lower-cost stimulate system, which brings advantages like full-featured and cost-effective.
Video and touching user interface, easy for operation
Indoor phone 3608 adopts the operating style of consumer electronics, uses two instructions: graphics and texts to guide user more vividly. At the same time, just a light touching you can choose what you need.
Humanized operating process, easy to learn and use
Indoor phone 3608 sets the operating flow based on the survey on customers. From researching to designing, R&D center always concentrated on our customers’ needs. Thus video door phone 3608 is elegant, clear and spark with inherent charm.

Introduction function of 3608
1.Video intercom: involve all intercom functions of traditional stimulate system.
2.Mute function: click the mute function on interface.
3.Image memory: automatic and manual ways to catch the pictures, you can review the visitors’ pictures anytime you want. By adopting the digital storage, images are hardly lost or damaged.
4.Standard 8 or 16 defend area for optional: It can support standard 8 or 16 defend area. Any functions of defend area can be set freely, you do not need the port of defends to connect, just set it and turn it off in the settings. There are three models of defend, home guard, off-home guard and withdraw guard, you can set any model according to your actual need.
5.Information transmitting function: It is realized by digital upgrading in the C-5 stimulate system. The message is saved in the indoor phones, so when you look through the pictures it will not be influenced. The display of the text has been highly improved through the digital screen.
6.Screen Protecting Setting: You can set the time for screen protecting, when you do not use it for certain time, it will shut down automatically, saving power and extending screen using time.
7.Control on Alarm: The signal of alarm can output through the alarm control port.
8.Control on Appliances Function: You can easily control your home appliances through the 485-signal port. In order to satisfy customers’different needs, this item has many compatible series products for your choices.
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