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2008: an uncommon year
The year of 2008 is an uncommon year for China. Snow disaster that wouldn’t happen in 50 years, violence in Tibet, earthquake in Wenchuan, event of poison in milk, finance crisis, oil issue and Olympic in Beijing, in all these we see the sorrow, indignation, calmness, warm and adamancy.
The year of 2008 is year that finance crisis spread, declinations in stock, many corporations go bankrupt, workers are unemployed, and world economic is in the hot water. The year of 2008 is a hard year for manufactures but also a year that is full with opportunities. Who will win at last in this new turn competion?
As to Genway, the year of 2008 is also an uncommon year.
In 2008, Genway new modern manufacture base was put into used and withstand the press of deadline of order delivery; Based on the model of IPD project management, design would get more closer to customers’ need; C-5 intelligent community system break through the pressure of products homogenization and take over the market of High-end products; Adopt the compound sales model, use more intensive managing channels, deepen regional market, concentrate on customer management, provide much better products and services for our customers, help them to grow up quickly, increase their core competition, enhance internal management and resources usage, decrease the cost of internal management, especially decrease the risk of operation, in one word, we always do our best to make progress.
Genway went through at least 15 spring and autumn period, accompanied with the growth of Security Industry in China. In these 15 years, Genway middle managers deeply understand the importance of prudent operation, emphasizing the primary task of business survival. At the same time they increase the practical operating concepts and rational marketing strategy.
2008 passed quickly, in the coming year 2009, economic environment is still very sever. We should be ready for this hard time and calm down our self for the further development. There might be many opportunities and also crises. Under this situation we should grasp every opportunities and challenges to realize a leap development in our enterprise, as from chrysalis to butterflies!
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